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import hashlib
import io
import logging
import warnings
from copy import copy
from datetime import datetime, timedelta, timezone
from enum import Enum
from pathlib import Path
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Generic, Optional
from uuid import uuid4

from PIL import Image
from slixmpp import JID, Iq, Message, Presence
from slixmpp.exceptions import IqError
from slixmpp.plugins.xep_0004 import Form
from slixmpp.plugins.xep_0060.stanza import Item
from slixmpp.plugins.xep_0082 import parse as str_to_datetime
from slixmpp.xmlstream import ET

from ...util import ABCSubclassableOnceAtMost
from ...util.error import XMPPError
from ...util.types import (
from .. import config
from import ContactIsUser
from ..mixins.disco import ChatterDiscoMixin
from ..mixins.lock import NamedLockMixin
from ..mixins.recipient import ReactionRecipientMixin, ThreadRecipientMixin
from .archive import MessageArchive

    from import LegacyContact
    from ..gateway import BaseGateway
    from ..session import BaseSession

[docs]class MucType(int, Enum):
[docs] GROUP = 0
[docs] CHANNEL = 1
[docs]ADMIN_NS = ""
[docs]class LegacyMUC( Generic[ LegacyGroupIdType, LegacyMessageType, LegacyParticipantType, LegacyUserIdType ], NamedLockMixin, ChatterDiscoMixin, ReactionRecipientMixin, ThreadRecipientMixin, metaclass=ABCSubclassableOnceAtMost, ):
[docs] subject_date: Optional[datetime] = None
[docs] n_participants: Optional[int] = None
[docs] max_history_fetch = 100
[docs] description = ""
[docs] type = MucType.CHANNEL
[docs] is_group = True
[docs] DISCO_TYPE = "text"
[docs] DISCO_CATEGORY = "conference"
[docs] DISCO_NAME = "unnamed-room"
[docs] STABLE_ARCHIVE = False
""" Because legacy events like reactions, editions, etc. don't all map to a stanza with a proper legacy ID, slidge usually cannot guarantee the stability of the archive across restarts. Set this to True if you know what you're doing, but realistically, this can't be set to True until archive is permanently stored on disk by slidge. This is just a flag on archive responses that most clients ignore anyway. """
""" Set this to true if the fill_participants() / fill_participants() design does not fit the legacy API, ie, no lazy loading of the participant list and history. """ def __init__(self, session: "BaseSession", legacy_id: LegacyGroupIdType, jid: JID): super().__init__() from .participant import LegacyParticipant self.session = session self.xmpp: "BaseGateway" = session.xmpp self.user = session.user self.log = logging.getLogger(f"{self.user.bare_jid}:muc:{jid}") self.legacy_id = legacy_id self.jid = jid self.user_resources = set[str]() self.Participant = LegacyParticipant.get_self_or_unique_subclass() self.xmpp.add_event_handler( "presence_unavailable", self._on_presence_unavailable ) self._subject = "" self.subject_setter = "unknown" self.archive: MessageArchive = MessageArchive() self._user_nick: Optional[str] = None self._participants_by_nicknames = dict[str, LegacyParticipantType]() self._participants_by_contacts = dict["LegacyContact", LegacyParticipantType]() self._avatar: Optional[AvatarType] = None self._avatar_bytes: Optional[bytes] = None self._avatar_hash: Optional[str] = None self._avatar_type: Optional[str] = None self.__participants_filled = False self.__history_filled = False
[docs] def __repr__(self): return f"<MUC {self.legacy_id}/{self.jid}/{}>"
[docs] def user_nick(self): return self._user_nick
@user_nick.setter def user_nick(self, nick: str): self._user_nick = nick @property
[docs] def user_nick_non_none(self): return self._user_nick or self.session.user.jid.node
[docs] async def __fill_participants(self): async with self.lock("fill participants"): if self.__participants_filled: return self.__participants_filled = True await self.fill_participants()
[docs] async def __fill_history(self): async with self.lock("fill history"): if self.__history_filled: log.debug("History has already been fetched %s", self) return log.debug("Fetching history for %s", self) for msg in self.archive: try: legacy_id = self.session.xmpp_msg_id_to_legacy_msg_id( oldest_date = msg.when except Exception as e: # not all archived stanzas have a valid legacy msg ID, eg # reactions, corrections, message with multiple attachments… self.log.debug(f"Could not convert during history back-filling {e}") else: break else: legacy_id = None oldest_date = None # oldest = self.archive.get_oldest_message() await self.backfill(legacy_id, oldest_date) self.__history_filled = True
[docs] def avatar(self): return self._avatar
@avatar.setter def avatar(self, a: Optional[AvatarType]): if a != self._avatar: self.xmpp.loop.create_task(self.__set_avatar(a))
[docs] async def __set_avatar(self, a: Optional[AvatarType]): if isinstance(a, str): async with self.xmpp.http.get(a) as r: # type:ignore b = await elif isinstance(a, bytes): b = a elif isinstance(a, Path): b = a.read_bytes() elif a is None: self._avatar = None self._avatar_hash = None self._send_room_presence() return else: raise TypeError("Avatar must be bytes, a Path or a str (URL)", a) img = if (size := config.AVATAR_SIZE) and any(x > size for x in img.size): img.thumbnail((size, size)) log.debug("Resampled image to %s", img.size) with io.BytesIO() as f:, format="PNG") b = f.getvalue() self._avatar = a self._avatar_bytes = b self._avatar_type = "image/" + img.format.lower() if img.format else "unknown" self._avatar_hash = hashlib.sha1(b).hexdigest() self._send_room_presence()
[docs] def __get_vcard(self): if not self._avatar_bytes: raise XMPPError("item-not-found") vcard = self.xmpp.plugin["xep_0054"].make_vcard() vcard["PHOTO"]["BINVAL"] = self._avatar_bytes vcard["PHOTO"]["TYPE"] = self._avatar_type return vcard
[docs] async def send_avatar(self, iq: Iq): vcard = self.__get_vcard() r = iq.reply() r.append(vcard) r.send()
[docs] def name(self): return self.DISCO_NAME
@name.setter def name(self, n: str): self.DISCO_NAME = n
[docs] def _on_presence_unavailable(self, p: Presence): pto = p.get_to() if pto.bare != self.jid.bare: return pfrom = p.get_from() if pfrom.bare != self.user.bare_jid: return if (resource := pfrom.resource) in (resources := self.user_resources): if pto.resource != self.user_nick: self.log.debug( "Received 'leave group' request but with wrong nickname. %s", p ) resources.remove(resource) else: self.log.debug( "Received 'leave group' request but resource was not listed. %s", p )
[docs] async def backfill( self, oldest_message_id: Optional[LegacyMessageType] = None, oldest_message_date: Optional[datetime] = None, ): """ Override this if the legacy network provide server-side archive. In it, send history messages using ``self.get_participant().send*``, with the ``archive_only=True`` kwarg. You only need to fetch messages older than ``oldest_message_id``. :param oldest_message_id: The oldest message ID already present in the archive :param oldest_message_date: The oldest message date already present in the archive """ return
[docs] async def update_info(self): """ Fetch information about this group from the legacy network This is awaited on MUC instantiation, and should be overridden to update the attributes of the group chat, like title, subject, number of participants etc. """ pass
[docs] def subject(self): return self._subject
@subject.setter def subject(self, s: str): if s != self._subject: self.update_subject(s) self._subject = s
[docs] def update_subject(self, subject: Optional[str] = None): self._subject = subject or "" for r in self.user_resources: to = copy(self.user.jid) to.resource = r self._make_subject_message(to).send()
[docs] def features(self): features = [ "", "", "", "urn:xmpp:mam:2", "urn:xmpp:mam:2#extended", "urn:xmpp:sid:0", "muc_persistent", "vcard-temp", "urn:xmpp:ping", ] if self.type == MucType.GROUP: features.extend(["muc_membersonly", "muc_nonanonymous", "muc_hidden"]) elif self.type == MucType.CHANNEL: features.extend(["muc_open", "muc_semianonymous", "muc_public"]) return features
[docs] async def extended_features(self): is_group = self.type == MucType.GROUP form = self.xmpp.plugin["xep_0004"].make_form(ftype="result") form.add_field( "FORM_TYPE", "hidden", value="" ) form.add_field("muc#roomconfig_persistentroom", "boolean", value=True) form.add_field("muc#roomconfig_changesubject", "boolean", value=False) form.add_field("muc#maxhistoryfetch", value=str(self.max_history_fetch)) form.add_field("muc#roominfo_subjectmod", "boolean", value=False) if self._ALL_INFO_FILLED_ON_STARTUP or self.__participants_filled: n: Optional[int] = len(await self.get_participants()) else: n = self.n_participants if n is not None: form.add_field("muc#roominfo_occupants", value=str(n)) if d := self.description: form.add_field("muc#roominfo_description", value=d) if s := self.subject: form.add_field("muc#roominfo_subject", value=s) form.add_field("muc#roomconfig_membersonly", "boolean", value=is_group) form.add_field("muc#roomconfig_whois", "boolean", value=is_group) form.add_field("muc#roomconfig_publicroom", "boolean", value=not is_group) form.add_field("muc#roomconfig_allowpm", "boolean", value=False) r = [form] if reaction_form := await self.restricted_emoji_extended_feature(): r.append(reaction_form) return r
[docs] def _make_subject_message(self, user_full_jid: JID): subject_setter = copy(self.jid) log.debug("subject setter: %s", self.subject_setter) subject_setter.resource = self.subject_setter msg = self.xmpp.make_message( mto=user_full_jid, mfrom=subject_setter, mtype="groupchat", ) msg["delay"].set_stamp(self.subject_date or msg["subject"] = self.subject or str(self.DISCO_NAME) return msg
[docs] def shutdown(self): user_jid = copy(self.jid) user_jid.resource = self.user_nick_non_none for user_full_jid in self.user_full_jids(): presence = self.xmpp.make_presence( pfrom=user_jid, pto=user_full_jid, ptype="unavailable" ) presence["muc"]["affiliation"] = "none" presence["muc"]["role"] = "none" presence["muc"]["status_codes"] = {110, 332} presence.send()
[docs] def user_full_jids(self): for r in self.user_resources: j = copy(self.user.jid) j.resource = r yield j
[docs] def user_muc_jid(self): user_muc_jid = copy(self.jid) user_muc_jid.resource = self.user_nick_non_none return user_muc_jid
[docs] def _legacy_to_xmpp(self, legacy_id: LegacyMessageType): return self.session.sent.get( legacy_id ) or self.session.legacy_msg_id_to_xmpp_msg_id(legacy_id)
[docs] async def echo( self, msg: Message, legacy_msg_id: Optional[LegacyMessageType] = None ): origin_id = msg.get_origin_id() msg.set_from(self.user_muc_jid) msg.set_id(msg.get_id()) if origin_id: # because of slixmpp internal magic, we need to do this to ensure the origin_id # is present set_origin_id(msg, origin_id) if legacy_msg_id: msg["stanza_id"]["id"] = self.session.legacy_msg_id_to_xmpp_msg_id( legacy_msg_id ) else: msg["stanza_id"]["id"] = str(uuid4()) msg["stanza_id"]["by"] = self.jid self.archive.add(msg) for user_full_jid in self.user_full_jids(): self.log.debug("Echoing to %s", user_full_jid) msg = copy(msg) msg.set_to(user_full_jid) msg.send()
[docs] def _send_room_presence(self, user_full_jid: Optional[JID] = None): if user_full_jid is None: tos = self.user_full_jids() else: tos = [user_full_jid] for to in tos: p = self.xmpp.make_presence(pfrom=self.jid, pto=to) if self._avatar_hash: p["vcard_temp_update"]["photo"] = self._avatar_hash else: p["vcard_temp_update"]["photo"] = "" p.send()
[docs] async def join(self, join_presence: Presence): user_full_jid = join_presence.get_from() requested_nickname = join_presence.get_to().resource client_resource = user_full_jid.resource if not requested_nickname or not client_resource: raise XMPPError("jid-malformed", by=self.jid) self.log.debug( "Resource %s of %s wants to join room %s with nickname %s", client_resource, self.user, self.legacy_id, requested_nickname, ) await self.__fill_history() await self.__fill_participants() if self._avatar_hash: self._send_room_presence(user_full_jid) for participant in self._participants_by_nicknames.values(): if participant.is_user: # type:ignore continue if participant.is_system: # type:ignore continue participant.send_initial_presence(full_jid=user_full_jid) user_nick = self.user_nick_non_none user_participant = await self.get_user_participant() user_participant.send_initial_presence( user_full_jid, presence_id=join_presence["id"], nick_change=user_nick != requested_nickname, ) history_params = join_presence["muc_join"]["history"] maxchars = int_or_none(history_params["maxchars"]) maxstanzas = int_or_none(history_params["maxstanzas"]) seconds = int_or_none(history_params["seconds"]) try: since = self.xmpp.plugin["xep_0082"].parse(history_params["since"]) except ValueError: since = None if seconds: since = - timedelta(seconds=seconds) if equals_zero(maxchars) or equals_zero(maxstanzas): log.debug("Joining client does not want any old-school MUC history-on-join") else: log.debug("Filling history %s") await self._fill_history( user_full_jid, maxchars=maxchars, maxstanzas=maxstanzas, since=since, ) self._make_subject_message(user_full_jid).send() self.user_resources.add(client_resource)
[docs] async def get_user_participant(self, **kwargs) -> "LegacyParticipantType": """ Get the participant representing the gateway user :param kwargs: additional parameters for the :class:`.Participant` construction (optional) :return: """ p = await self.get_participant(self.user_nick, is_user=True, **kwargs) self.__store_participant(p) return p
[docs] def __store_participant(self, p: "LegacyParticipantType"): # we don't want to update the participant list when we're filling history if self.get_lock("fill history"): return self._participants_by_nicknames[p.nickname] = p # type:ignore if self._participants_by_contacts[] = p
[docs] async def get_participant( self, nickname: str, raise_if_not_found=False, fill_first=False, **kwargs ) -> "LegacyParticipantType": """ Get a participant by their nickname. In non-anonymous groups, you probably want to use :meth:`.LegacyMUC.get_participant_by_contact` instead. :param nickname: Nickname of the participant (used as resource part in the MUC) :param raise_if_not_found: Raise XMPPError("item-not-found") if they are not in the participant list (internal use by slidge, plugins should not need that) :param fill_first: Ensure :meth:`.LegacyMUC.fill_participants()` has been called first (internal use by slidge, plugins should not need that) :param kwargs: additional parameters for the :class:`.Participant` construction (optional) :return: """ if fill_first: await self.__fill_participants() p = self._participants_by_nicknames.get(nickname) if p is None: if raise_if_not_found: raise XMPPError("item-not-found") p = self.Participant(self, nickname, **kwargs) self.__store_participant(p) return p
[docs] def get_system_participant(self): """ Get a pseudo-participant, representing the room itself Can be useful for events that cannot be mapped to a participant, e.g. anonymous moderation events, or announces from the legacy service :return: """ return self.Participant(self, is_system=True)
[docs] async def get_participant_by_contact( self, c: "LegacyContact", **kwargs ) -> "LegacyParticipantType": """ Get a non-anonymous participant. This is what should be used in non-anonymous groups ideally, to ensure that the Contact jid is associated to this participant :param c: The :class:`.LegacyContact` instance corresponding to this contact :param kwargs: additional parameters for the :class:`.Participant` construction (optional) :return: """ await self.session.contacts.ready p = self._participants_by_contacts.get(c) if p is None: p = self.Participant(self, or c.jid_username, **kwargs) = c c.participants.add(p) self.__store_participant(p) return p
[docs] async def get_participant_by_legacy_id( self, legacy_id: LegacyUserIdType, **kwargs ) -> "LegacyParticipantType": try: c = await self.session.contacts.by_legacy_id(legacy_id) except ContactIsUser: return await self.get_user_participant(**kwargs) return await self.get_participant_by_contact(c, **kwargs)
[docs] async def get_participants(self): """ Get all known participants of the group, ensure :meth:`.LegacyMUC.fill_participants` has been awaited once before. Plugins should not use that, internal slidge use only. :return: """ await self.__fill_participants() return list(self._participants_by_nicknames.values())
[docs] def remove_participant(self, p: "LegacyParticipantType"): """ This ho :param p: :return: """ if is not None: del self._participants_by_contacts[] del self._participants_by_nicknames[p.nickname] # type:ignore p.leave()
[docs] def rename_participant(self, old_nickname: str, new_nickname: str): try: p = self._participants_by_nicknames.pop(old_nickname) except KeyError: # when called by participant.nickname.setter return self._participants_by_nicknames[new_nickname] = p if p.nickname == old_nickname: p.nickname = new_nickname
[docs] async def fill_participants(self): """ In here, call self.get_participant(), self.get_participant_by_contact(), of self.get_user_participant() to make an initial list of participants. """ pass
[docs] async def _fill_history( self, full_jid: JID, maxchars: Optional[int] = None, maxstanzas: Optional[int] = None, seconds: Optional[int] = None, since: Optional[datetime] = None, ): """ Old-style history join (internal slidge use) :param full_jid: :param maxchars: :param maxstanzas: :param seconds: :param since: :return: """ if since is None: if seconds is None: start_date = - timedelta(days=1) else: start_date = - timedelta(seconds=seconds) else: start_date = since or - timedelta(days=1) history_messages = list( self.archive.get_all(start_date=start_date, end_date=None) ) if maxstanzas: history_messages = history_messages[-maxstanzas:] for h_msg in history_messages: msg = h_msg.stanza_component_ns msg["delay"]["stamp"] = h_msg.when msg.set_to(full_jid) msg.send()
[docs] async def send_mam(self, iq: Iq): await self.__fill_history() form_values = iq["mam"]["form"].get_values() start_date = str_to_datetime_or_none(form_values.get("start")) end_date = str_to_datetime_or_none(form_values.get("end")) after_id = form_values.get("after-id") before_id = form_values.get("before-id") sender = form_values.get("with") ids = form_values.get("ids") or () if max_str := iq["mam"]["rsm"]["max"]: try: max_results = int(max_str) except ValueError: max_results = None else: max_results = None after_id_rsm = iq["mam"]["rsm"]["after"] after_id = after_id_rsm or after_id before_rsm = iq["mam"]["rsm"]["before"] if before_rsm is True and max_results is not None: last_page_n = max_results else: last_page_n = None first = None last = None count = 0 it = self.archive.get_all( start_date, end_date, before_id, after_id, ids, last_page_n, sender ) if iq["mam"]["flip_page"]: it = reversed(list(it)) for history_msg in it: last = xmpp_id = if first is None: first = xmpp_id wrapper_msg = self.xmpp.make_message(mfrom=self.jid, mto=iq.get_from()) wrapper_msg["mam_result"]["queryid"] = iq["mam"]["queryid"] wrapper_msg["mam_result"]["id"] = xmpp_id wrapper_msg["mam_result"].append(history_msg.forwarded()) wrapper_msg.send() count += 1 if max_results and count == max_results: break if max_results: try: next(it) except StopIteration: complete = True else: complete = False else: complete = True reply = iq.reply() if not self.STABLE_ARCHIVE: reply["mam_fin"]["stable"] = "false" if complete: reply["mam_fin"]["complete"] = "true" reply["mam_fin"]["rsm"]["first"] = first reply["mam_fin"]["rsm"]["last"] = last reply["mam_fin"]["rsm"]["count"] = str(count) reply.send()
[docs] async def send_mam_metadata(self, iq: Iq): await self.__fill_history() await self.archive.send_metadata(iq)
[docs] async def kick_resource(self, r: str): """ Kick a XMPP client of the user. (slidge internal use) :param r: The resource to kick """ pto = self.user.jid pto.resource = r p = self.xmpp.make_presence( pfrom=(await self.get_user_participant()).jid, pto=pto ) p["muc"]["affiliation"] = "none" p["muc"]["role"] = "none" p["muc"]["status_codes"] = {110, 333} p.send()
[docs] async def add_to_bookmarks(self, auto_join=True, invite=False, preserve=True): """ Add the MUC to the user's XMPP bookmarks (:xep:`0402') This requires that slidge has the IQ privileged set correctly on the XMPP server :param auto_join: whether XMPP clients should automatically join this MUC on startup. In theory, XMPP clients will receive a "push" notification when this is called, and they will join if they are online. :param invite: send an invitation to join this MUC emanating from the gateway. While this should not be strictly necessary, it can help for clients that do not support :xep:`0402`, or that have 'do not honor bookmarks auto-join' turned on in their settings. :param preserve: preserve name, auto-join and bookmarks extensions set by the user outside slidge """ item = Item() item["id"] = self.jid iq = Iq(stype="get", sfrom=self.user.jid, sto=self.user.jid) iq["pubsub"]["items"]["node"] = self.xmpp["xep_0402"].stanza.NS iq["pubsub"]["items"].append(item) is_update = False if preserve: try: ans = await self.xmpp["xep_0356"].send_privileged_iq(iq) is_update = len(ans["pubsub"]["items"]) == 1 # this below creates the item if it wasn't here already # (slixmpp annoying magic) item = ans["pubsub"]["items"]["item"] item["id"] = self.jid except IqError: item["conference"]["name"] = item["conference"]["autojoin"] = auto_join except PermissionError: warnings.warn( "IQ privileges (XEP0356) are not set, we cannot fetch the user bookmarks" ) else: # if the bookmark is already present, we preserve it as much as # possible, especially custom <extensions> self.log.debug("Existing: %s", item) # if the entry has no name, we set it, even if it's an update if not item["conference"]["name"]: item["conference"]["name"] = # if it's an update, we do not touch the auto join flag if not is_update: item["conference"]["autojoin"] = auto_join else: item["conference"]["name"] = item["conference"]["autojoin"] = auto_join item["conference"]["nick"] = self.user_nick_non_none iq = Iq(stype="set", sfrom=self.user.jid, sto=self.user.jid) iq["pubsub"]["publish"]["node"] = self.xmpp["xep_0402"].stanza.NS iq["pubsub"]["publish"].append(item) iq["pubsub"]["publish_options"] = _BOOKMARKS_OPTIONS try: await self.xmpp["xep_0356"].send_privileged_iq(iq) except PermissionError: warnings.warn( "IQ privileges (XEP0356) are not set, we cannot add bookmarks for the user" ) # fallback by forcing invitation invite = True except IqError as e: warnings.warn( f"Something went wrong while trying to set the bookmarks: {e}" ) # fallback by forcing invitation invite = True if invite or (config.ALWAYS_INVITE_WHEN_ADDING_BOOKMARKS and not is_update): self.session.send_gateway_invite( self, reason="This group could not be added automatically for you" )
[docs]def set_origin_id(msg: Message, origin_id: str): sub = ET.Element("{urn:xmpp:sid:0}origin-id") sub.attrib["id"] = origin_id msg.xml.append(sub)
[docs]def int_or_none(x): try: return int(x) except ValueError: return None
[docs]def equals_zero(x): if x is None: return False else: return x == 0
[docs]def str_to_datetime_or_none(date: Optional[str]): if date is None: return try: return str_to_datetime(date) except ValueError: return None
[docs]def bookmarks_form(): form = Form() form["type"] = "submit" form.add_field( "FORM_TYPE", value="", ftype="hidden", ) form.add_field("pubsub#persist_items", value="1") form.add_field("pubsub#max_items", value="max") form.add_field("pubsub#send_last_published_item", value="never") form.add_field("pubsub#access_model", value="whitelist") return form
[docs]_BOOKMARKS_OPTIONS = bookmarks_form()
[docs]log = logging.getLogger(__name__)