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from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Union

import discord as di

from slidge import LegacyContact, LegacyRoster, XMPPError

from .util import MessageMixin, StatusMixin

    from .session import Session

[docs]class Contact(StatusMixin, MessageMixin, LegacyContact[int]): # type: ignore
[docs] session: "Session"
[docs] def discord_user(self) -> di.User: # type: ignore self.session.log.debug("Searching for user: %s", self.legacy_id) user = self.session.discord.get_user(self.legacy_id) # self.session.discord.get_guild().get_member() if user is None: raise XMPPError( "item-not-found", text=f"Cannot find the discord user {self.legacy_id}" ) return user
[docs] def direct_channel_id(self): assert self.discord_user.dm_channel is not None return
[docs] async def update_info(self): u = self.discord_user if or u.system: self.DISCO_CATEGORY = "bot" = u.display_name if a := u.avatar: await self.set_avatar(a.url, a.key) self.is_friend = u.is_friend() # massive rate limiting if trying to fetch profiles of non friends if self.is_friend: await self.fetch_vcard()
# TODO: use the relationship here # relationship = u.relationship
[docs] async def fetch_vcard(self): try: profile = await self.discord_user.profile() except di.Forbidden: self.session.log.debug("Forbidden to fetch the profile of %s", self) except di.HTTPException as e: self.session.log.debug( "HTTP exception %s when fetch the profile of %s", e, self ) else: self.set_vcard(,
[docs]class Roster(LegacyRoster[int, Contact]):
[docs] session: "Session"
def __init__(self, *a, **k): super().__init__(*a, **k)
[docs] async def by_discord_user(self, u: Union[di.User, di.Member]) -> Contact: return await self.by_legacy_id(
[docs] async def jid_username_to_legacy_id(self, username: str): try: user_id = int(username) except ValueError: raise XMPPError( "bad-request", text=f"Not a valid discord ID: {username}", ) else: if self.session.discord.get_user(user_id) is None: self.session.log.debug( "I could not find the JID local part %s", username ) raise XMPPError( "item-not-found", text=f"No discord user was found with ID: {username}", ) return user_id
[docs] async def legacy_id_to_jid_username(self, discord_user_id: int) -> str: return str(discord_user_id)
[docs] async def fill(self): for relationship in self.session.discord.friends: u = relationship.user self.session.log.debug("Friend: %r", u) if not isinstance(u, di.User): self.session.log.debug("Skipping %s", u) continue c = await self.by_legacy_id( await c.add_to_roster() c.update_status(relationship.status, relationship.activity)