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Must be subclassed by a plugin to set up various aspects of the XMPP

class slidge.plugins.mattermost.gateway.Gateway[source]#

Bases: slidge.BaseGateway

Must be subclassed by a plugin to set up various aspects of the XMPP component behaviour, such as its display name or its registration process.

On slidge launch, a singleton is instantiated, and it will be made available to public classes such LegacyContact or BaseSession as the .xmpp attribute. Since it inherits from slixmpp.componentxmpp.ComponentXMPP, this gives you a hand on low-level XMPP interactions via slixmpp plugins, e.g.:


However, you should not need to do so often since the classes of the plugin API provides higher level abstractions around most commonly needed use-cases, such as sending messages, or displaying a custom status.

REGISTRATION_INSTRUCTIONS = 'Enter mattermost credentials. Get your MMAUTH_TOKEN on the web interface, using the dev tools of...'[source]#
ROSTER_GROUP = 'Mattermost'[source]#
COMPONENT_NAME = 'Mattermost (slidge)'[source]#
COMPONENT_TYPE = 'mattermost'[source]#
COMPONENT_AVATAR = ''[source]#
async validate(user_jid, registration_form)[source]#

Validate a registration form from a user.

Since XEP-0077 is pretty limited in terms of validation, it is OK to validate anything that looks good here and continue the legacy auth process via direct messages to the user (using BaseGateway.input() for instance).