Setting up a slidge component

Refer to the slidge admin docs for generic instructions on how to set up a slidge component, and for slidge core configuration options.

Matridge-specific config

MAX_HISTORY_FETCH Number of events to fetch to back-fill MUC history before slidge starts up.
MAX_PARTICIPANTS_FETCH Number of participants to fetch when joining a group. Higher values will make joining slower, and participants will appear when they speak or if they spoke in the back-filled events. Participants with power levels > 50 (ie, admins) will be fetched.
NIO_SILENT Set this to False to respect the global log level from the matrix lib. It's REALLY verbose, so the default is to use WARNING.
PARSE_MESSAGE_STYLING Convert Message Styling (XEP-0393) message bodies to Matrix custom HTML. Supported markup: _underline_ *bold* ~strikethrough~ `code span` ```code block``` >quote ||spoiler \_escape style_
TRUST_EVERYTHING Always trust new encryption keys. This is unsafe if you need perfect bridge to end encryption.