Setting up a slidge component#

Refer to the slidge admin docs for generic instructions on how to set up a slidge component, and for slidge core configuration options.

Optional dependencies#

WhatsApp requires that image, audio, and video attachments are sent in specific formats; these formats are generaly incompatible with prevailing standards across XMPP clients.

Thus, sending attachments with full client compatibility requires that we convert these on-the-fly; this requires that FFmpeg is installed. If a valid FFmpeg installation is not found, attachments will still be sent in their original formats, which may cause these to appear as “document” attachments in official WhatsApp clients.

FFmpeg is widely used and packaged – please refer to your distribution’s documentation on how to install the FFmpeg package.

slidge-whatsapp-specific config#

ALWAYS_SYNC_ROSTER Whether or not to perform a full sync of the WhatsApp roster on startup.
ENABLE_LINK_PREVIEWS Whether or not previews for links (URLs) should be generated on outgoing messages
SKIP_VERIFY_TLS Whether or not HTTPS connections made by this plugin should verify TLS certificates.