Finding legacy contacts#

After registration, slidge should add your contacts puppet XMPP accounts to your roster. If you want to message someone that was not automagically added by slidge, you can guess their puppet JIDs when the username part is trivial, such as a phone number or name.surname. In case you don’t know the username part of someone, you can use slidge’s search feature, either with Jabber Search (XEP-0055) if your client support it, or via the “find XXX” chat command (direct message to the gateway, similar to the fallback registration workflow).


Currently, slidge does not provide a “friend request workflow”, ie, adding/removing legacy contacts to your roster does not trigger anything on the legacy network side. Use official clients to add/remove contacts to your legacy roster. This only applies to network where there is such notion though, such as facebook, discord, skype and steam.