XMPP server config#

You must choose a JID without a local part, (eg superduper.example.org) for the gateway, and a “secret” (ie, a password) for slidge to authenticate to the XMPP server. Slidge usually connects to the XMPP server via localhost (see Configuration).

Slidge uses different containers/processes for each gateway. Therefore administrators should setup these steps for each individual gateway. This is because each gateway makes use of an individual JID (such as telegram.example.org, whatsapp.example.com, etc).

This documentation explains how to do that for prosody and ejabberd. If you know how to set up slidge with other XMPP servers, please contribute to the docs. ;-)


Add a component block below the appropriate virtualhost in prosody.cfg.lua

Component "superduper.example.org"
  component_secret = "secret"  -- replace this with a real secret!
  modules_enabled = {"privilege"} -- optional, additional config required to make it work

For the last line, see Privileges for more info about how what it does and how to set it up entirely


    port: 5347
    module: ejabberd_service
        password: secret

The ‘hosts’ domain can be any given subdomain as long as the domain is pointing to the server’s ip running ejabberd. Examples: telegram.example.org, whatsapp.example.com, etc.