Containers for arm64 and amd64 are available on docker hub. See Containers for more details.


A debian package containing slidge and a bunch of legacy modules is available at

Debian packages for bookworm (amd64 and arm64) are built on each push to master as artifacts of this build job.

A repo is maintained by IGImonster. Refer to the README of for setup instructions.

See Debian packages for information about how to launch slidge as a daemon via systemd.


PyPI package

Tagged releases are uploaded to pypi and should be installable on any distro with pipx.

Make sure that python3-gdbm is available on your system. You can check that this is the case by running python3 -c "import dbm.gnu" which will exit with return code 0 if it’s available.

pipx install slidge
slidge --legacy-module=your_importable_legacy_module

If you’re looking for the bleeding edge, download an artifact here.