For users#


These are the generic user docs for slidge. For Legacy Network-specific docs, follow these links: discord, facebook messenger, matrix, mattermost, signal, skype, steam chat, telegram. whatsapp,

Slidge is an XMPP server component that can be used to send and receive messages with any XMPP client, such as Movim, Conversations, Dino, Gajim or BeagleIM, to name a few. Your contacts on the legacy network are given a “puppet JID” of the type, that you can use to interact with them, just as you would with any normal XMPP user. The contact’s username depends on the slidge plugin you use, for instance on signal, it is the phone number of the user you want to reach.


Slidge acts as alternative client, logged on as you, running on your XMPP server. For some networks, that is not a problem at all (signal, telegram, mattermost), but this means breaking the terms of use and/or trigger automated security measures (account lock, etc.) for some other networks. See Keeping a low profile.